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Azure Application Platform: a quick start for developers

lundi 15 janvier 2018

If you’re a developer who wants to build, deploy, and manage applications that serve users worldwide—at speed and scale—the cloud can be your greatest asset. Microsoft Azure is a rich and powerful platform that enables you to do just that, from the simplest “Hello World” app to a highly distributed and scalable solution. But what if you’re new to developing on Azure? How do you know which architectural approach to building modern apps is best for you? Like developers, each approach on Azure has its own set of unique strengths and capabilities—and sometimes just figuring out where to begin can be the biggest hurdle.

Join speaker Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing, for the webinar, Azure Application Platform: a quick start for developers, to learn about Azure’s comprehensive set of app platform services and how they support your application development needs. Register for this webinar to:

Learn where to begin when building apps in Azure.
Discover the advantages of Azure’s broad range of services.
Examine the most common architectural approaches and design patterns for building apps.
Learn about Azure through common customer solutions.

Nicole Herskowitz
 Senior Director Product Marketing, Cloud Platform Microsoft


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