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Securing file shares, cloud storage, cloud applications and web services is the foundation of a successful digital transformation.

Our product portfolio R&S®Trusted Gate ensures secure data encryption in the cloud and on collaborative platforms, and highly secure, global data exchange.

Critical applications of companies and public institutions are strongly protected by R&S® Web Application Firewall and the SaaS version R&S®Cloud Protector.

Products for application and cloud security:

  • R&S® Cloud Protector
  • R&S® Web Application Firewall
  • R&S® Trusted Gate


R&S® Cloud Protector protège les sites Web, les commerces en ligne et les fournisseurs de services Web contre les cyberattaques sur la couche applicative. Le pare-feu applicatif basé sur le cloud a été développé spécifiquement pour protéger les applications dans le cloud. Il protège efficacement les applications Web contre les cyberattaques les plus courantes tout en préservant d’importantes ressources internes.

Cloud-based application firewall provides reliable protection without interrupting workflow.

R&S®Cloud Protector can be integrated in real time to protect web services such as intranets and extranets as well as applications, partner portals and webmail services, especially in large organizations with websites that attract a large number of visitors.

The simple and fully scalable SaaS security solution for enterprises uses security mechanisms such as heuristics, parsing and IP address validation. This prevents cyberattacks on websites, web applications, back-ends and cloud environments.


R&S® Web Application Firewall offers comprehensive protection for mission-critical web applications. API and XML traffic are at the heart of distributed computing solutions for cloud and mobile applications.

The R&S® Web Application Firewall protects your web services and ensures reliable machine-to-machine communication. It is suitable for business processes involving employees, customers, suppliers and regulators.

Our holistic security suite is available in the Enterprise and Business editions.


Well-known applications, websites and APIs such as Microsoft® Outlook Web Access™, Exchange™, SharePoint™, SAP®, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are protected against known and unknown attacks, including OWASP Top 10, by Business Edition of R&S® Web Application Firewall.

The availability of both hardware and virtual appliances provides maximum flexibility. Our entry-level solution is ideal for bandwidth-constrained appliances or virtual machines with a predefined environment of centralized security functions.


Business-critical web applications, including legacy applications and custom APIs, are fully protected by R&S® Web Application Firewall

Enterprise Edition. It is fully scalable, designed to protect global high-performance Web applications as well as support the continuous Web application development lifecycle.

It analyzes and logs user activity based on context to prevent attacks that target the application logic. Abnormal activity can be blocked and potential vulnerabilities can be virtually patched directly at the application layer. Enterprise Edition enables multi-cloud or hybrid cloud deployments.


 The product R&S®Trusted Gate covers the following solutions: secure collaboration in the cloud on platforms such as Office 365™ and secure data exchange, regardless of the infrastructure, used. The data-centric approach to securing confidential information protects organizations from cyberattacks, data theft and manipulation.

The unique combination of virtualized files in the cloud, encryption, and distributed storage in definable storage destinations provides total control over the level of security in the public cloud.

At no time do cloud service providers have the opportunity to obtain customer data. It is even possible, if necessary, to easily organize a highly secure data exchange with external parties by synchronizing defined file folders. Thanks to R&S®Trusted GateSecurity policies, compliance requirements and data protection regulations such as the RGPD can be met without adding additional client software to users' endpoints. R&S®Trusted Gate can be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft® Office 365™, SharePoint™, Teams™ or OneDrive™. In addition, it provides secure access to data via mobile devices and secure transfer of attachments.


Comprehensive network security solutions ensure secure connections between sites and meet the most stringent security requirements.

Our Ethernet encryption devices protect businesses and government authorities from espionage and manipulation of data carried over Ethernet communication lines, radio relays and satellite links. Layer 3 network encryption with R&S®SITLine IP ensures strong group encryption for IP traffic. The devices of the product family are approved by the BSI for VS-NfD, NATO RESTRICTED and EU RESTRICTED.

Fully automated, R&S®Trusted VPN provides a complete, state-of-the-art security infrastructure as an out-of-the-box solution.

Network security products :

  • R&S® SITLine ETH
  • R&S®  SITLine IP
  • R&S® Trusted VPN


When it comes to cyber attacks, endpoints such as PCs and laptops are often used to compromise corporate networks. Thus, endpoint protection is an essential part of any IT security strategy.

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity develops innovative and proactive security solutions for desktop and laptop computers.

Our portfolio includes a virtual environment for secure browsing with comprehensive protection against advanced persistent threats and malware. In addition, we offer a widely used encryption solution for endpoints and mobile devices, with full disk encryption and multi-tier authentication mechanisms, as well as a combined IT security solution for remote endpoints based on Microsoft® Windows 10™.

Products for the security of office systems:

  • R&S® Trusted Endpoint Suite
  • R&S® Trusted VPN Client
  • R&S® Browser in the Box
  • R&S® Trusted Disk


Mobile device and application security is critical, especially as more and more business processes are run from smartphones or tablets. Today, most employees have access to company data from a mobile device. Therefore, protecting sensitive information with appropriate security solutions for the business environment is important.

R&S® Trusted Mobile - the secure platform for smartphones and tablets - meets the highest security requirements with a reinforced security core.

Products for mobile security:

  • R&S®  Trusted Mobil

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is a leading IT security company that protects the digital assets of companies and public institutions worldwide against cyber attacks.

The company provides innovative data protection solutions for cloud environments, advanced security for websites, web applications and web services, as well as network encryption, desktop and mobile device security. To proactively prevent cyberattacks, our trusted IT solutions are developed using the security by design approach.

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is part of the Rohde & Schwarz Group. The Rohde & Schwarz technology group develops, produces and markets innovative products in the field of information and communication technology for professional users.

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