Who is Using Twitter?

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Twitter has become the latest trend in social networking. During early 2009, it has shown a growth of more than 1000% and still continues that trend.

Often most technology evangelists believe these social media trends are fuelled by teens. But the statistics has proven it to be wrong. According to the researches done by Morgan Stanley and Nielson, the age group of 2-24 years show the least twitter users by percentage.

The survey was conducted with an audience of 250,000 internet users from United States. The market was segmented for 3 groups by age such as 2-24, 25-54 and above 55.

The age group of 25-54 has the largest proportion of 64%. Surprisingly, the age group of above 55 overtakes the age group of 2-24 by 4%, by recording 20%. The age group of 2-24 only has a share of 16%. Based on these facts, it can be concluded that there are twice as much as adults using twitter, when compared with teens.

It is still unclear if the usage of platforms and various applications has an effect on these demographics. Earlier in 2008 it was reported that 60% of twitter users do not use the web-interface within the first month of initial login. Most experts believe this could be a reason because the users are migrating to other third party applications such as TweetDeck, Tweetie, Seesmic etc.

These statistics were based on a Nielson, NetView report released in 2009. The trend is continuing to grow as more celebrities and TV personnel use Twitter as a marketing tool.

Source by Roger Spence