Protection of stations and laptops

The advantages of Lina:

  • Protection of the company's fleet of desktop and laptop computers and file servers
  • Laptops for remote employees (technicians, sales, etc.)
  • Backup of machines on remote sites with low bandwidth networks
  • Backup of laptops by WIFI on the company's premises
  • Protection of file servers by services
  • Self-catering
  • Search for previous versions or lost files
  • Complete reconstruction of a machine (system, data)

Continuous backup

Data protection only makes sense if it is continuous.Lina backs up all files created or modified, cut into small blocks.No more uncontrollable backup windows.

Restore from anywhere in a browser securely

A simple Internet connection allows you to launch a restoration of your backed up data, wherever you are

Autonomy for users to restore their own data

It's so simple that your users won't need your assistance to find a lost file or revert to a previous version of a file. IT staff saves time to focus on other tasks

Complete reconstruction of a machine (system, data)

Lina combines Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) with Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to enable reinstallation of a complete machine as it was before the disaster

Reduction of the volume of data saved

Efficient deduplication at the source before sending data blocks to the server to minimize network exchanges and stored volumes, and also inter-machine deduplication on the server side to further reduce storage costs

Transparent protection for the user

Fast, granular backup and restore with very little impact to the user and no downtime for production

Physical and virtual environments

Protection of physical and virtual machines

The advantages of Tina

Tina has your data protection needs covered

Every company has its own opinion on what constitutes data protection. What data should be protected, how often, to which storage (onsite, offsite) and finally how long should these backups be kept?

Atempo provides the answer to all these questions. You protect virtual and physical platforms with the same concept: automatic backups to deduplicated disks, tapes or storage with, in all cases, a fast recovery.

Backup is only one part of the data protection paradigm. When it comes to restoring your critical data, you can rely on Tina and a simple restore interface and focus on other daily challenges. Search for data to restore with wildcards, view modified files; it's even possible to see deleted files!

Data Protection for Physical and Virtual Platforms

Do you have multiple physical/virtual environments, Windows/Linux/macOS etc.? Do you need to set up multiple storage destinations and vary retention times for your different data sets?
You can do a Google search for the perfect solution. But we'll save you some time; there's only one candidate that's right: Tina.

Physical or virtual?

That's the question! More and more, applications and systems are running on virtualized platforms. Managing the protection of virtual and physical machines with a single solution can be a challenge. Traditional backup works well for business applications and servers. But today virtual machines are created very simply without the knowledge of IT departments. Tina automatically protects these VMs without deploying additional agents.

Simple restoration

Tina knows exactly where your data is whether it's on disk, deduplicated storage or tape so there's no need to search through datasets or backup jobs yourself. During those stressful moments when you need to restore, you can count on Tina to recover your data in 3 clicks.

Express Restart

Not every dataset has the same recovery requirements. When a backup of a virtual machine is sent to deduplication storage it is possible to restart this copy in less than two minutes. This is the Express Restart feature. With the same 3-click method, existing backups are mounted and VMs can be restarted and immediately put into production.


Atempo's deduplication mechanism never ties you to a specific vendor. Our deduplication at the source avoids sending repetitive information across the network. Each stored block is unique. Not only will your backups be very fast, you'll use far less storage. Unlike our competitors, when it comes to protecting virtual machines, our deduplication mechanism works globally for all our agents.

Choice of storage

Whether you protect your data on disk, tape or deduplicated storage, Atempo provides you with a wide range of storage destinations. We understand that data often needs to be moved from disk to tape (D2D2T). Tina continuously monitors and locates all your data. Atempo's all-new HyperVision Deduplication Storage (HVDS) is dedicated to protecting virtual machines and significantly improves backup performance and provides direct access to your Windows and Linux VM file systems. File-level recovery without restoring the VM is now a reality.

Intelligent storage

The right storage choice depends largely on the type of data to be protected. Tina takes care of everything by proposing and providing the right target storage: disk, tape and deduplication (HVDS). If the storage choice is deduplicated, VMs can be restarted immediately. All this remains invisible to the user and data management is done through a single administration interface. Centralized reporting is available to help you properly provision future resources for your backups.

Atempo, a French software company and European leader with a global presence, offers solutions to back up, protect, store, move and restore critical data for thousands of companies worldwide.

With its innovative and sophisticated approach, Atempo's flagship data protection technology addresses the backup and disaster recovery needs of very large storages with millions of files and petabytes of unstructured data.

This same technology also enables fast and reliable file migration and synchronization between different storages.

Atempo also markets a continuous data protection solution for desktops, laptops and file servers, a range of all-in-one backup appliances specifically designed for remote environments, as well as powerful backup solutions for business applications and virtual or physical servers.

The seat d’Atempo is located in Paris, France. The company is present in Europe, the United States and Asia through a network of more than 100 resellers, integrators and managed service providers. For more information, please visit

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