Depuis 1992, SPG est présent sur le marché en tant que distributeur TIC à valeur ajoutée desservant différents pays d’Afrique.
En tant que partenaire de fournisseurs TIC de renommée mondiale, SPG a fait équipe avec ses revendeurs TIC pour apporter des réponses aux besoins technologiques des clients finaux dans tous les secteurs.
Le soutien que SPG offre à ses revendeurs TIC va de l’avant-vente à l’après-vente en les associant aux solutions fournies. Lorsque cela est nécessaire, et au nom de ses partenaires, SPG fournit des services aux clients de ses partenaires revendeurs IT.

En 2021, SPG a rejoint en tant que partenaire le réseau mondial de distribution (GCN). Le groupe GCN est le plus grand réseau de distributeurs informatiques locaux dans le monde qui partagent la même plate-forme numérique avec un large choix de fournisseurs numériques TIC.

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SPG is a partner of GCN Group

GCN Group is the largest B2B channel network of local IT distributors in the world.

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SPG : Value Added Technology Distributor

SPG's success is based on a set of values shared internally with its employees that advocate learning, the teamwork and the respect.
Ethics and professionalism are the foundation of SPG's mission: the trust deserved by its customers and excellence of his relationship with them.
Innovation and sharing instilled in all members of the SPG team enable it to anticipate and produce the added value constantly expected by its partners, both resellers and suppliers.

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SPG brings its know-how to its IT reseller partners by supporting them in their value chain with their end customers.
SPG provides its partners with a growing number of such services, either directly or as a white label for use by their end customers:

  • Accompaniment
  • Technical Support
  • Training
  • Co-marketing



SPG adheres to the highest standards of conduct to ensure that its actions are consistent with its values of integrity, respect, transparency and trust.


Pushing the limits of knowledge: SPG's promise is to offer innovative services in response to the future expectations of its customers. 


A professional, customer-oriented SPG team committed to the success of their respective projects.


Date of creation : 1992


Distinctive Resellers

who have purchased at least once from SPG since 1992



have worked and contributed to the success of SPG since 1992



7500 Companies have attended at least one GSP event since 1992


  • Thanks to a wide range of dynamic solutions, and the consideration of our needs, the SPG team was able to meet our expectations, even though they were specific, with a true sense of customer service. Thanks to its reactivity, its rigor, and its respect of its commitments, SPG is more than a simple supplier; it is a true strategic partner.
    Seddik Dimassi
    CEO, Digitika
  • The first collaboration between SPG and Adactim is not new. At the time, Adactim needed Microsoft licenses and a quick search allowed us to identify SPG, as a historical Microsoft distributor since 1992. Our first contact was by phone, with a friendly voice that quickly took care of Adactim's needs. The pleasant surprise was the availability of a real professional who listened to us to ensure a long-term partnership. 20 years later, this ADACTIM-SPG partnership continues to strengthen. It has even developed in both directions, as a customer and as a supplier. SPG remains our partner of reference and confidence, bringing us products and services of an always irreproachable quality.
    Maher Ferjani
    Business Developpement Manager , ADACTIM
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