Indeed Identity is a cybersecurity software vendor with more than 10 years of expertise and a team of over 60 professionals. Indeed Identity has presence in 2 global regions. The HQ office is located in Lithuania and it is responsible for all business operations in the EMEA region. The other office is located in Singapore and it is responsible for all activities in the APAC region.

Indeed Identity provides cutting-edge solutions for modern cybersecurity. There are three main areas of their expertise, the first is privileged access management, and the second – card management system that manages the lifecycle of digital certificates and smart cards. The last but not least area of expertise is comprehensive access management of regular employees to the IT resources of a company and multi-factor authentication.

Indeed Identity continuously improve their products in accordance with the demands of the IT security market and customers.

Domaines d’expertises :

  • Indeed Privileged Access Manager controls and monitors the activity of privileged users, including their access to critical business systems and the list of allowed activities. Indeed PAM helps companies to reduce the attack surface and prevent external attacks and insider malfeasance or negligence.
  • Indeed Access Manager manages access to all information systems of the enterprise. The product also provides the technologies of multi-factor authentication and single sign-on and reduces the cybersecurity risks. It becomes a tool for policy-based and transparent access management
  • Indeed Certificate Manager is a card management system that manages and automates the full lifecycle of digital certificates and smart cards. Indeed CM addresses all complex and various tasks connected with PKI management and improvement of PKI efficiency.
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